Drive-in cinema

PRICE: 20$ per car.

A minimum rent of 4 cars is required.


An absolute must-have at every child-centered event.

Birthday parties, weddings, baptisms, family and friend parties, in fact, any kids’ party especially when boys are involved. A drive-in cinema experience is a sure way to entertain children. Even more interesting becomes when kids easily mount and dismantle the cars. Sliding boards, wooden bolts, and nuts are used to join the pieces together. Quite a fun activity! Wouldn’t you agree? Boys will be proud to prove their skills. Watching a movie from the cars they assembled will be such a reward.

Tips and notes:

* Use your own TV or rent our screen and video projector from extras to create a fabulous movie adventure! Some popcorn, juice and a favorite cartoon will complete the experience and will keep the kids occupied for a long time. You can add as extras our vintage popcorn maker machine.
* If you need entertainment, one of our team members or our collaborators can entertain your guest, create labs or other creative activities and bring good humor, for an extra charge. Make sure you include your note in the booking form and we will discuss the option when we’ll contact you.
* The Miny World’s cars and the extras are to be picked up and returned to our company’s headquarters in Vaudreuil – J7V9V7. Upon request and availability, transport could be available for 0.75 CAD per KM.
* read our terms and conditions to find out more details about the hiring.


* When you rent the drive-in cinema theme for a minimum of 8 guests including the birthday child you can buy him as a gift a personalized Miny World wooden car for only 100$. It will be an amazing surprise when he will notice that his car should not return to the garage.
* OR, when you rent the Drive-in cinema package along with one of our teepee/tents themed package (minimum 4 guests) you will pay only 15$ for each rented car.