Affordable decorating ideas for kids’ rooms

Affordable decorating ideas for kids’ rooms.

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Are you looking for affordable decorating ideas for kids’ rooms? Let me give you 6 tips that can become very handy. When we plan to redecorate our kids’ bedroom or playroom, the costs can soon pile up.
The idea was to stay in the budget. I decided to use simple tricks and tweaks that can have an impact on the style. Therefore, I made the most of this small bedroom covering all from space-saving ideas to decorations hacks and quick updates that won’t break the bank but that Lia will crush for it. You don’t know Lia? Such a dynamic girl! Curious and happy all the time, singing and dancing in all places and a true actress. She needed a stage to put all her imaginative characters and she needed a swing cause she can’t stay put only if she’s in moving. Of course, it’s pink when it comes to her! Unicorns are not out of her story where she’s the prima ballerina. That being said, what can you do other than to bring to life her favorite dreams? How did I get to make this stylish bedroom and playroom on a shoestring budget? All the tips are right here.
It was a challenge also because it was a one week project. So, everything that was done, whether it was a lick of paint, ingenious storage solutions or other ways to make the room brighter than before should have happened in less than one week.
I invite you to snoop a little longer in my story. Learn about the 6 tips that you should take into consideration when starting to redecorate your child’s bedroom or playroom.

decorating ideas for kids’ rooms

1. Give new life to existing furniture.

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Don’t throw away a versatile furniture piece! A makeover will suffice for a refreshing or a new purpose.
Storage solutions don’t need to cost a fortune if you are looking for a unique way to keep your kids’ toys.
I found a blue dark shelves unit in the wardrobe. It wasn’t of so much use, cause the depth and the height was not enough for the clothes. I applied a few layers of white paint. As a result, a multistoried playhouse got to life. Later, when Lia won’t play with the toys, she can use it for more books or other important stuff that she wants to have them in her room.
In the wardrobe, I put the taller and deeper unit that I found it in the bedroom and was occupying a lot of space. First, I took out the doors. Moreover, the shelves under the bed are a good solution for storage. I just refresh the paint on the bed and nightstand with white and a lighter pink than the old one and everything is like new.

2. Jazz up the walls and get creative with the stickers.

Children’s rooms can be instantly brought to life with the wall stickers. The best part about them is that they are easy to remove. As your children grow the design is easy and inexpensive to change over and over. For instance, these rose-gold dots and the name transform this girl’s bedroom into a lovely retreat, perfect for a 10-year-old.

3. Keep it simple and multi-functional.

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The amount of furniture can create an overcrowd aspect in a small room. It is better to keep free as much space as we can.
The same rule applies to the details. Keep in mind that your child will soon bring new personal stuff into the room and it will be busy again until the next room update.
Items such as boxes, baskets, hooks, hangers and wall organizers will all help to create an efficient space that still has plenty of personality.
On the wall on top of the desk, I hanged a wooden facade saved from a doll’s house. I painted to cover the blue spirals draw by Lia when she was much little. Not only it came out gorgeous and playful but with a little imagination she’ll put some photos behind the windows and she’ll use it as an organizer for her school accessories.

4. Get crafty.

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And more, you can get your child involved in the crafting process. It is a brilliant idea if you want to decorate on a shoestring budget. Miny World cocoon lamps have become popular lately especially when kids are invited to participate. Pretty and playful, the lamp can be made in different colors and different shapes for pendants to suit any style.
Buying new inexpensive accessories like the desk lighting fixture and tune it is another way to bring personality to a room. I made the ballet skirt from the same fabric as the canopy and along with the stickers were made the job quite beautiful.

5. Accessorise smart.

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Avoid ‘theming’ a room too much, instead opting to bring to life your child’s favorite designs. Even I use ballerina as the principal theme I let space to unicorns and different toys characters, like the rabbit on the swing ort the troll from the nightstand.
Since Lia already got a lot of toys even after she made a previous cleaning, I considered investing in cousins. Two on the bed, one for the headboard and one on the wall as a cotton ballon. Stylish accessories don’t have to cost the Earth, so all I had to do is to buy some voguish fabrics and wadding and personalize them with iron-on vinyl before sewing them.

6. The element of surprise.

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I thought no one but of three outstanding elements.
First, the headboard. I used an old pillow that I updated with some padding and a new undercover. I made to the outside case a top border to hold a wooden dowel that I hanged it between the walls with tringle supports. Personalized with iron-on vinyl, this headboard along with the canopy can offer a cozy, soft and comfortable resting place to read. The canopy made from two layers of tulle and organza is the second surprise element.
The third and the most adored, the one that Lia had an instant crush was the swing. At 10 years old she doesn’t have too much homework to do, the time at the desk is limited. I thought the swing will give her more pleasure and will suit her dynamic mood. I let enough space near the window in case that later she wants to move the desk, be as per the need of the chair or the desire to swing more freely.

I hope you enjoy my decorating kids room on budget tutorial and that I gave you the impulse to jump on the decorating adventure. And don’t forget that I am always at one click away if you prefer to stay back and watch and let me do the fun part. Happy to partner with you!
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