Hand made face masks

Irene is the youngest member of MINY WORLD’s team. At 15years old she never stops to amaze me with the power that lays inside of her and that she uses every time something wakes up her interest. She puts a lot of passion and commitment when starting a project and she won’t give up so easily. Imagination and curiosity are her greatest gifts. Miracles and magic unfold in her mind and adventure takes her to so many beautiful places. Her sensitivity and perception make her aware of all the good and bad things that happen in the world even if, sometimes they don’t make sense to her.

I could go all day long writing things about Irene. Instead, I’ll invite you to go on her website irene.life, the place where she tells her stories by herself.

Because school does not occupy so much time of the current program these days, Irene chose to spend a part of her free time designing and sewing face masks for teens and kids. She found a few materials in the house. Then, she spent some time online researching. Learning the whole process of making patterns and sewing was done with my help. And then last but not least, by adding personal details, she succeeded to make these super cool masks. The two layers of fabric and one layer of insertion create a dust filter. The metallic wire keeps the materials close to the nose and the adjustable ears elastic cords make the mask, altogether, more secure and easy to wear.

And if we talk about the design and personalization, we have it all: colors, text to choose from or to compose by yourself, beads with letters.

We want to specify that the earnings from these masks will go entirely to Irene, who decided to donate a part of the money earned from each mask sold to an organization that helps children with coronavirus.

UPDATE May 18, 2020: Since there are no more materials available, the face masks selling is now discontinued.