Ethan’s Garage – playhouse

Ethan’s Garage – playhouse.

Ethan, a 5 years old boy, needed a playground that could be included in his mother’s office.
His favorite toys are work tools, including some real ones, from his father’s kit, and which he carries with him in a backpack. Arriving at his house, for the first consultation, Etan offered to help me with repairs to the house or the car if I needed it, he also negotiated the price, like a real entrepreneur.
So the idea of having his own garage came naturally.
I created this playhouse, introducing some objects of attention, which require skill and stimulate imaginative play.
It was a real pleasure to work on this playground, starting with the construction, continuing with the drawing and painting, choosing the colors, and finishing with details!

I hope you enjoy my work and don’t forget that I am always one click away if you need my help when designing your kids’ playrooms. Happy to partner with you!

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