Best Ways to keep Kids Entertained at Wedings

Favorite parents’ weddings to attend are the ones where their kiddos are considered invited. Plus, happy kids mean happy guests and a happy couple.

There is no secret that weddings and receptions can be spectacularly boring for kids. One of the biggest bride’s dilemmas at their wedding is how to entertain the children.

Planning a wedding with little guests on the list creates quite a panic knowing that the kids will get bored, drive their parents insane, or worse, run riot. That is why a happy crew of kids is the secret to having a stress-free reception for both the parents and the couple.

Thinking of you and your fabulous, perfect day we’ve come up with a list of the best ways to entertain children at weddings:

1. Kids table. Children love to make and do so the wedding favors with little activity packs for each child is one of the best choices. We’ve gathered and crafted the best kids wedding favor ideas, guaranteed to keep younger guests entertained: wedding activity books, crafting of personalized beaded bracelets, small games like dice, bowling, I spy or Scavenger Hunt, and so on. Sweets and treats can be provided by us in personalized bags or at your own choice.

2. We think that our wedding photo booth is a must for fun, both for kids and grown-ups. Keep your cameras close! Get some fun snaps! We prepared amazing items like the groom’s hats, bride’s vails, photo props, and a fancy mirror. This will surely be a fabulous photo shoot.

3. Our outdoor and indoor games are charmed. They can keep the kids busy for long hours and encourage them to mingle. Personalized corn hole boxes, big dies, and Bowling, Hopscotch, Giant Jenga, Twister, Ring Toss are just a few to begin.

4. The Movie room is one of our favorite activities. We created a complete Cinema drive-in experience: a big screen, a video projector and of course, the cars. One white and one black surrounded by other colorful cars recreate the wedding atmosphere. The decor can be completed with comfy armchairs and soft cushions. One other interesting thing about our Miny World cars and armchairs is that they can be dismantled and assembled again by kids themselves, so this is quite an activity.

5. Sleeping tents or teepees is our option number one for prolonged weddings. When kids are tired and fall asleep on the chairs, banquets or worse, in their parents’ arms, that’s where our tents become handy and precious. Glamour spreads into the air, dreams become fairy-tales and grown-up’s party continues happily ever after.

6. Kids only tent zone is one of our fun proposition to create a space just for kids. A few personalized tents and wedding-themed accessorized will confer a chic, cozy place where children can chit-chat and mingle.

7. Personalized photo Puzzle on magnet support is a perfect gift for your little guests and even for the grown-ups. The puzzle has 4” x 4.5” and the butterfly has 2”x 1.25”.

Our packages can be customized to suit your styling needs, for whatever you have in mind when you are planning!