Girl Bedroom design and decor with Butterflies in Paris theme


Girl bedroom design and decor with Butterflies in Paris theme open our MINY WORLD series of kids’ room interior projects for this year.
Happy 2020 to everyone! Certainly, Alexa will have it because she started the year with a brand new bedroom decor, MINY WORLD signature.

MINY WORLD Cocoon lamps for girls room decor

girl bedroom design decor 1
girl bedroom design decor 4
girl bedroom design decor 3

Do you remember our cocoon lamps from our creativity classes? Alexa paid me a visit so we can handmade them together. Therefore, aside from her bed, the two beautiful fixtures create a magical atmosphere. We talk about her passion for butterflies and how much she adores Paris! As you could already guess, butterflies in Paris was our chosen theme, perfect for a 10-year-old girl bedroom.

The canopy and personalized cushions

girl bedroom design decor 5
girl bedroom design decor 6

girl bedroom design decor 19
girl bedroom design decor 18

The canopy came out gorgeous: pink tulle with Lilla shades, big pom-poms, and twinkle lights. On the top, the border has the same canvas as the butterfly pillows. Certainly, it is the most loved item from all the handmade decorations. Moreover, the blue navie cushions create contrast and the transferred drawings and personalized text with gold-pink vinyl complete the boho look and bring in the glamour of a promenade in Paris. A childish aspect and a certain clumsiness in the details of the crafted fabric hearts hanged to the curtains along with the tulle pom-poms have as purpose to preserve the innocence and the simplicity.

Themed decals on the walls and furniture

girl bedroom design decor 9
girl bedroom design decor 10
girl bedroom design decor 11
girl bedroom design decor 8

Few more details completed the decor. We used decals with Eiffel Tower, stamps with Paris and butterflies for the walls and furniture. The decals from the wall on top of the bed were personalized also with Alexa’s name.

Make-up station in a girl bedroom design is a must

makeup table legs drawing 1
girl bedroom design decor 21
girl bedroom design decor 22
girl bedroom design decor 23
girl bedroom design decor 24

Even we had to deal with a small space we made room for everything we needed. For instance, one good tip is that we used a shelf instead of a table and we draw the legs directly on the wall so we can save some space. A round chair with a lid on the top offers more storage space inside.
However, for more storage space we installed two rounded shelves in the corners of the room and enlarged the window frame with a wooden shelf. This way the little things that a girl wants to keep close to her found the right place.

MINY WORLD wooden armchair

girl wooden armchair 1
girl wooden armchair 2

It is the last, but not the least important item added to this girl bedroom design and decor list. Thanks to the cotton canvas that takes the shape of the body this wooden armchair is a good place to sit at rest or for reading. Definitely, I have personalized it as I do every time a child receives one. Alexa had her chair before, for her birthday. The fact that I knew we were going to plan the interior layout of her bedroom helped me imagine the look that this chair should have.

A happy kid is always a big reward

Alexa did not leave me for a moment the day we put everything together. Meanwhile, she watched me closely and made herself so helpful anywhere she could. After that, at the end of the day, she was so happy and satisfied with her new room. The smile on her face is the kind of smile I love to see every time a child enters MINY WORLD.
Therefore, dear parents, remember that I’m just a click away. Always prepared with ideas that suit the best with the personality of your child. And if you are geographically too far from me, we will always have e-design projects at our hand and the delivery service for your personalized decorations and furniture.

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