Backyard weddings, outdoor small-scale events

Backyard weddings are lovely.

They are intimate, they have the go with the flow vibe and the creative ideas are endless.
Ali and Liza were the hosts, offering their beautiful backyard as a venue for his brother Ibrahim marriage and his future wife, Jennifer. I was so grateful to meet them again after a birthday pool party setup designed for their daughter, two years ago.

Under good auspices
Everything was so perfect. The landscape was stunning, with perfect green grass and mature trees, a pool surrounded by a large terrace with glass panels and an elegant patio. The weather was also in their favor, so they got all the reasons to enjoy every moment of this special day.
We kept it simple, but glamourous at the same time, proposing a champetre style. Our setup included a tent prepared for 24 guests, with two rectangular tables and a round one for the groom and the bride. We went wild with the colors of the flowers, combining white, pink, yellow, violet, and green matching them with the tableware. A combination of dusty pink cotton napkins with several nuances of blue for the glasses and vases. The cutlery was copper, and the plates were white.
Just a day before the wedding it came to me, the idea of circular lighting hung over the freshly married couple’s table. I think it came out so pretty. Jennifer was so excited because it matched so well with the cake.
The ceremony was held by Ali himself, the host, and the brother of the groom. We arranged the space for it on the terrace of the pool and under the patio. It was amazing. We kept chillout sofas assembling on the left corner and comfy armchairs on the right, aligning another few chairs borrowed from the tables, on the center. The pool was between the guests and the groom and bride, imposing an air of distinction and serenity.
Jenifer and Ibrahim made this beautiful change between their cultures, wearing each other’s popular costume. It moved me so much, as much as the heart of every person from their family that I met that day. Before I leave you with the pictures, I want to thank them all for the trust in my planning design and for the help that they gave me, especially Jenifer’s son, for the cocktail that he prepared to me, and Liza’s daughter for helping me with the balloons on the pool setup.
I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope to meet and help some of you with the designing of your small-scale events décor.
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