The Jump Rope – cute little wooden toy

Did you know that jumping helps us develop the left and right hemispheres of the brain? It improves spatial awareness and reading skills and increases memory and mental alertness. That means skipping rope can even improve our kids’ performance at school!

This tiny cute little project – the jump rope

was the very one that finally brought me to my garage, where I set up my workshop, during this winter. Even at 12 degrees Celsius, I was happier than being outside where was minus seventeen. And even the lockdown becomes so boring it turned out beautifully in the end when I realized, I may have some time for new MINY WORLD wooden projects.

I was searching for a toy that requires a physical effort to consume a little bit of our little ones’ endless energy. A toy that develops motor skills, improves coordination, keeps the body healthy, and can be used inside the house where we are most of the time lately especially with the winter and with the pandemic.
The jump rope or the skipping rope came into my mind first. I already had some birch wood in my shop and all I need it was the rope. After I visited a few essentials stores I found this cotton rope, abrasion-resistant, and it seems to be perfect for indoor use. The cord is heavy enough to make the rotation in the air but soft and gentle when hits the floor, the walls, or even another person.

This way I added a new bit to my tools collection and bought a scroll saw. Who would have thought?! I did not need it for the jumping rope, but it just clicked something into my mind when I saw it on the shelf. For sure I will put it to use on the next project. Maybe a photo camera wooden toy? I would love to try one.

Let us jump back to my project. I wanted to personalize it, and this seemed to be a real challenge. I tried the wood-burning pen versus the stamps. I found some small issues for each.

On the first trying

the writing is not perfect, even with practice I will never achieve perfect calligraphy, and is also a little slow. The tip is too long and far from the fingers and I do not like that. Should I craft one myself? Hmm.

The second shoot

with the stamps also got a little messy, not being able to align the letters and to avoid the printed ink from the edges. I could really use some opinions on that matter! I am personally kind enjoying both styles because it has this childish look. It seemed to be written by the kids themselves. And that gives me the idea I could also sell the skipping rope raw, with no finish in case your kids want to play more creatively.

Of course, the third option which is not yet on the table would be a laser machine, to do the work perfectly and it would help me a lot with all kinds of putting in practice ideas! The time will decide!

All being said, I live you to see the rest of the pictures I made, and I will gradually update in the shop section and hopefully, I convinced you to buy one or why not more of them. It could be a nice, personalized gift for your kids or your friends’ kids, also a nice favor to be offered to a birthday party, wedding, baby shower, or wherever you see it fit.

Take care and stay healthy!