Miny Hobby Horse – Creativity kit for kids

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Let your kids be the fairies, the princess, and the princes who change the world in their imagination into a better place!

Offer them simple toys that stimulate the game. Pretending play is a thinking skill, important for social and cognitive development. The children use to speak loudly when they are playing, writing stories with their imaginations.

We have prepared a tutorial

to show you how to assemble our Miny Hobby Horse. Hoping that you and your children will enjoy the music and be inspired by our work, you will get beautiful original toys that will bear your personal stamp. We encourage you to find new possibilities to accessorize the horse, changing the color of the hair from time to time, styling it with braids and beads, cutting it in different shapes. In addition, you can find original ways to make the harness, using other materials and ribbons than those we have provided. Kids will need a little help from a parent, grandparent, big brother, or sister, but how fun is crafting without a teammate?! Anyone who knows us already knows that MINY WORLD encourages the bond that is created by working together between family members.
Meanwhile, our creative kits engage them in beautiful arts and crafts experiences, activities that complement the act of play and help them develop their manual skills and intelligence.

Materials included with the Miny Hobby Horse Creativity Kit:

– The Horse cotton cover
– Yarn bundle for the hair
– Three strings of hemp knotted together
– A long hemp thread
– A white cotton thread and a bobby pin
– A wooden stick
– Two bags of wadding

You need:

– a pair of scissors
*** The wooden support that you can see in our video tutorial or the published photos is not included in the package.

Working steps:

1. Tie the white cotton thread at one end with a simple knot of the bobby pin and insert it along the horse cover’s hem.
2. Fill the horse cover with the whole wadding
3. Insert the wooden stick in the middle of the horse until the hole reaches the hem.
4. Tighten the white cotton thread with one simple knot, pass one thread through the hole of the stick and then surround the stick a few times with both of the threads from opposite directions and secure it with another knot with the bow.
5. Fold the longest hemp thread in half and from the middle of it build the harness directly on the horse’s head. Best to see our video tutorial!
6. Create the reins by making a braid of the three hemp threads knotted at one end and then attach them to the harness. Attach them on the sides of the harness with the ends that you cut from the log thread that you shortened at step 5.
7. Arrange the yarn bundle on the horse’s head, making the mane.
Are you ready?! Go, play!!!!
Don’t forget to name your horse and take good care of him!

Our toys and creativity kits are unique, designed, and handcrafted in our MINY WORLD workshop in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec.
Our handmade process is green, caring, and respecting mother nature while thinking about the safety and happiness of our children.

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