First Birthday Celebration – Teepee and decorations bee theme

Dedicated to Selena, my goddaughter

I’m lucky to be a nana of two lovely girls, Brianna and Selena. Selena is the youngest one. Last Mars she celebrated her first year of life. An old custom in Romania, which is related to tradition and history, and not to religion, is to cut a strand of hair and to break a sweet bread above the head of a child who is one year old. 

Cutting the strand of the hair at one year is a common practice, with no relation to Christianity. But it is an important tradition that both the rich and the poor, the city and the peasant keep and respect.The meanings vary from one region to another or from one country to others that have this habit. Everybody chooses the meaning they want and above all is the joy of celebrating this moment, a reason to be ones again with your friends, to eat delicacies, to dance, and to give our children the opportunity to meet in a large family.

As a godmother, I had a few interesting tasks. I had to prepare a tray with things from everyday’s life. The superstition says that the first three objects the child will choose are those that predestines the future: if she chooses money he will be rich, if she chooses a scissors she will be a fashionista, a stylist, if she chooses a musical instrument she’s to become a musician, if she chooses souvenirs from the travels she will be traveling the world, and so on. As I told you, there is nothing strict, we choose what objects we want and try to make meaningful meanings sound like a good wish that also takes into consideration the preferences of the child.

The cutting the strand of the hair comes from very distant history, dating back to the time of the Geto-Dacians who inhabited the land where Romania is now spreading. It was initially intended only for boys to wish them being strong and courageous during the fight. The significance has been preserved somehow, in nowadays meaning that we get rid of the child’s fears and that he or she will be courageous. Both girls and boys are now welcome to receive this blessing.

Also, a sweet bread cooked in a round shape that we prepared in our kitchen, we broke it above Selena’s head and then we shared it with the guests so that everyone could enjoy and together with parents would wish the baby to grow healthy and have a wealthy life. When we broke the sweet bread, Selena was playing with the money so you can imagine by yourself what a pleasure for everyone to look for the significance of this.

It was a beautiful and memorable day. As an artist nana that I am :)), I sew a teepee for my beautiful goddaughter and I have prepared with all my love some decorations so Selena can enjoy ones again her festive bee theme which became also a tradition since her baptism.

Dear Miny World’s friends, in special moments, with profound, religious or purely traditional meanings, I will be happy to offer my help and my advice. Do not hesitate to write to me. I will answer you and we will find time to discuss in more detail so you can enjoy a beautiful celebration.

Hoping you find interesting and inspiring my post I’ll live you with all my wishes to have a lot of beautiful moment to celebrate, surrounded by friend, family and good people.