Kids Lounger Chair Wooden Car

Kids Lounger Chair Wooden Car – a toy and a lounge chair for generations!

Last weekend we took out Miny World to its first show: ”Le Salon des Salon VS”. We met a lot of visitors, designers, contractors and it was awesome.

So, let me present you MINY WORLD’s newest creation. A cute little baby, I like to call it. Cause it was conceived in our workshop. The idea started at the beginning of February, with a tool, a jig kit for threads that I find it randomly on the internet. It intrigued me and I bought it at ones.

I was playing a little bit, doing some wooden bolts and nuts and then I let it sit for a few months until I was searching for some ideas for kids parties. I saw this cinema car parc where the children were sitting in some pretty little cars made from cardboard boxes. And, boom!! It was like a sparkle, coming straight in my mind.

A multifunctional furniture piece, very original and versatile that can be used as a lounger, a baby hammock or a flat-pack toy on the go; compact, lightweight and self-storing.
A great travel toy that fits easily in the car trunk. Once you have reached your destination, whether it is a cottage, camping, hotel, beach, or visiting friends it will serve you with loyalty, providing activities ideas for your kids playing and a lounge chair for a rest or a nap.

I don’t like to limit children by providing only one kind of toy for play and I also encourage boys and girls to play together by combining neutral tones and vivid colors in the playing areas. So, I would like to express a separate opinion regarding the sex-typed toys. These cars are destined for boys as for girls also.

The construction material is plywood because I designed this product with longevity in mind. I hope that children will use this product for a long time, and they will become attached to it, because of the playing possibilities and the comfort that it is offering it. Parents have the option to change the newborn baby hammock into a children seat up to 7 years old and even more. The structure is very strong, is made for generations and the chique aspect can make of it a nice decoration in a room, later.

The thing I like most is the ease with the children can mount and dismantle this object by themselves. Wood bolts and nuts, and the joining of sliding plates are so fun. Kids are proud to make those cars as the parents are to see them developing new skills.
You can choose from painted or non-painted option, in case you and your children want to use more creativity on this one. Painting on your own car brings a plus of character to the toy and creates more opportunities for playing and being creative.

This can be an exciting activity at birthday parties or other events where children are invited. With a TV or a screen and a video projector, we can create a super cinema in the parking car. Some popcorn and juice and a favorite cartoon can keep them preoccupied for some time.

A perfect gift for a child. You can buy it or you can rent them. If you are looking for something original for your kids’ birthday, a drive-in cinema theme is the thing.

Thank you for choosing MINY WORLD as your partner for FUN!