Fairy light – Wood lamp for kids

This story has begun on the shore of a lake with a burned stub washed by the waves. Enchanted by its beauty, I sheltered it in my home at first, as a simple decoration, until more inspired ideas would come. It was so fascinating to look at it every passing day, noticing the beauty of all the details that lay in the cracks and the washed ludic colors.

At first, I was imagining how it would look horizontal, turned into a coffee table, trying to think about the color of the glass that might be placed above. Then I pictured it vertically, and I saw a reading table serving as bookshelf near the living room’s sofa. It might even hide a discreet, ambient light inside the branches, I thought. Eventually, it became a floor lamp that seems to preserve contact with mother nature. A thin branch with leaves and a thicker one drawn from the garden after a frozen rain, create a symbiosis with the stub that recovered its life.

And because I love to dedicate my work to children, I am now thinking about the other decorations so my lighting integrates into, and finds a place in a children’s or teen’s room. Inspiration for adventure, in an enchanted forest full of obstacles or maybe a romantic setting alongside flowing water and wildflowers. I know that the inspiration will come again, and I have definitely kept you up to date. Meanwhile, I am here, keen to accompany you in designing your babies, kids or teen’s rooms, no matter their age.