Activity Boxes and Activity books for kids at parties

Planning a party for the little ones or for the big ones but with a bunch of kids around can be challenging knowing that the kids will get bored quickly they’ll drive the parents insane, or worse, run riot all over the place. That is why a happy crew of kids is the secret to having a stress-free party.

Even if you rented bonce castles and employed animators, be extra prepared with small surprises in the activity boxes or activity books. Give the gift of curiosity! A few pages for coloring or small craft activities, tattoos, and dice can keep them occupied for the extra time that you need when setting up the last food details on the table or for your short breaks. They become also very handy when kids await in the reception halls of the events.
We can offer you personalized activity boxes, activity books, coloring placemats, magnetic puzzles, and more surprises.
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