Create your home design

An excellent wooden construction game for our little ones. A real challenge for those who would like to build and decorate a house and its furniture. The game is dedicated to girls and boys aged 8 and over.

Watch our TUTORIAL video

Developing creativity generates the expansion of intellectual processus. Along with the fun, the satisfaction of the finished work, the need for knowledge, exploration, beauty, self-esteem, the magic of the game at the border of imagination with reality are just a few of the goals that we want to mention.
The game is a challenge. Instructions are prepared for the construction of the house and for the one piece of furniture. The rest of the constructions are left in the children’s hands, eaven if is means to find new materials in their surrounding space that can be used.

A video tutorial helps those who want to be inspired and who need their playing to become more interactive. Irene, aged 14, a member of Miny World team, accompanies them throughout the game. She proposed to continuously challenge the kids and, along the year, to design the decor of this house in different ways, for special events such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, birthday celebrations. In other words, it will keep them busy and will make this toy interesting for as long as possible.

Create Your Home Design construction toy comes with French and English instructions and contains 90 pieces including wooden boards, glue, geometric shapes, and wooden sticks all chosen and prepared with care for our children so they can play in a secure environment. We kept the natural, original color palette of the wood pieces trying to not overstimulate the senses.
Our purpose is to promote creativity, imagination, and learning.

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