Wooden Photo Camera – Art & Craft kit for kids

Visiting Saint Lazare Library last weekend with a new Art & Craft workshop for kids. The parents were invited, too.

Give the children simple toys that stimulate the game!

Pretending play is a thinking skill that happens in the imaginative world. It is very important for social and cognitive development. This Photo Camera creativity kit offers the chance to do more than this. They put the kids in direct contact with the real world also, building a bridge between the two realms. Building these toys, make a designer, an artist of your kid that will have the satisfaction of completing a finite product, one that they can play with and can be appreciated by the whole world around him.

No need for instructions!

The assembling is intuitive. the button can go in just one place and the same with the rope. The colors are for painting and there are no rules. A masking tape comes with it, and it could become handy for strait lines if needed. We are hoping that you and your children will enjoy working as a team, and you will get beautiful original toys. Kids will need a little help from a parent, grandparent, big brother, or sister, but how fun is crafting without a teammate?! Anyone who knows us already knows that MINY WORLD encourages the bond that is created by working together between family members.
Meanwhile, our creative kits engage them in beautiful arts and crafts experiences, activities that complement the act of play and help them develop their manual skills and intelligence.

Materials included with the Wooden Photo Camera – Art & Craft kit for kids:

– The wooden camera block
– The wooden button
– Glue
– Three recipients with colors of your choice
– A white cotton rope
– A gift box that can be personalized
– Paint brush

You need:

– a few brushes

Who shoud buy this art kit:

1. Kindergartens, schools
2. Play centers for kids
3. Parents for their kids to craft at home
4. Gift for a friend
5. Party gifts(favors) for your guests
6. Teambuilding meetings for creativity
7. Party activities at weddings, birthdays, and all other events where kids are invited.
8. This is an activity that suits any age, so don’t be shy to order!

Our toys and creativity kits are handcrafted in our MINY WORLD workshop in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec.

*** You can ask for personalization with engraved initials on the wooden block or names on the gift box. Ask for a quote..
*** If you are interested in our creativity class and you have already the kids but you don’t have a teacher, we can help!

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