Hand-crafted wooden buoy – art and craft creativity class

Searching for more information about hand-crafted wooden buoys,

we found that the fishermen and the sailors have used them for centuries in navigation, lobstering and as safety measures.We started our first art and craft creativity class from this autumn session with a wooden buoy. The children will use it as a decoration and a doorstop for their room.


We could say that we did a bazaar on the table, but the kids liked it a lot. They are felt in their element using colors and brushes. They had the chance to work with the paint roller. The colors were everywhere, on the block of wood, in the containers or directly on the table. They learned that painting on a surface covered by a strip of tape, after it is removed the surface keeps its color underneath. Using an old piece of wood and turning it into a vintage decoration was another challenge and a lesson at a time. In this way, children learn that ancient objects should not always be thrown away. They can have another life. They can change the purpose of a buoy into a vintage maritime decoration and a doorstop for their room.

Each MINY WORLD creativity class

brings with it a finished project that could be a home decoration, fashion accessories or a toy. Miny World has as fundament the concept of intellectual development based on the creativity intervention along with algorithmic thinking. In other words, we follow logic steps in order to finish our work and along the way we use our imagination and creativity to improve it and to personalize it.

The satisfaction for the finished project, the awareness to the surrounding, analyzing the objects with a critic eye and the understanding of the fabrication process make our creativity classes as much important as the educational process taught in school. The results are easier to obtain because the art and craft are natural mediums for expression. They come from inspiration, intuition combined with logical thinking and can be improved by exercise, repetition and exploration.

Under professional coordination, these tools become very powerful enhancing the development of a harmonious, balanced intellectual and personality.

We invite you to see more of our work from creativity classes in our section. If you want to register your kid to our whole session of workshops you can book here. And, if you want to try it first, then you can register for our trial class. There are a few places available, so hurry up!

You can join us, at

HACHEM, the art store near Costco, Vaudreuil.

Our location is wonderful, perfectly suitable for creativity. We are surrounded by work of arts, artists and art materials. See you in class and until then, stay inspired!