The Wooden Boat

Painting on wood has become a regular practice on our creativity classes. When we look around we see that everything has a color. The table, the walls, the roof, the doors, the boats and so on. It takes a long time until a kid uses the paint to color an object. Drawing and painting a lot of things happen usually on plain paper. At MINY WORLD, kids of five, six, and older are used to paint on the actual objects. Interior decorations for their rooms are our favorites.

In this class, kids painted on a wooden precut boat shape. They used a sponge brush and they managed to get a slow transition from one color to another. They screwed an eyelet in the wood and hanged a rope between it and the mast.

Each Miny World creativity class learns children to be aware of surroundings, to be patient, to make use of an algorithm thinking and creativity in the making process. Problem-solving, communication, joy, and self-contentment are just a few of many benefits from our classes. MINY WORLD opens the door for the real-world which challenges them in the most natural way: art and craft!

We are welcome your kids to join us in a cozy, artistic atmosphere at HACHEM, the art store near Costco, Vaudreuil. Enough for you to do the weekly shoppings while your kids explore their creativity with us spending some quality time. Register them right here or write us a message if you have more questions. We will be very happy to assist you.