Kiddykat Kindergarten – Interior design, custom furniture

Interior design for kids, wall painting, and custom furniture

were MINY WORLD’s tasks in this beautiful project for the Kiddykat kindergarten in Montreal. The Collaboration with Mehwish Raja, the owner, was one of the best I ever had. Mehwish is a very smart, confident woman, young and beautiful, a mom of two kids, and the perfect leader for her employees. She is dedicated to her business, paying attention to every detail. I feel like all my work gained in value because of her talent and her capacity to embrace it or to include it in her concept.

There were three classrooms with three different themes besides the director’s office, the hallway, and the Gym. I will show you a few pictures to see how it came out. And, if you want to see videos feel free to check out our page’s Instagram account,
If we had the time to order wallpaper, for sure we would have chosen the littlehandswallpaper which is my favorite company of wallpaper for kids and that inspired me along the way. We had very little time though to complete this process and we had to take a lot of decisions along the way, so painting the walls was one of them.

For the littlest ones, Mehwish chose the baby panda theme.

Therefore, sweet pink baby pandas are now lying in their hammocks or claiming the bamboo trees, curious to observe the little human fellows playing on the carpets.

Moving on to the toddler’s classroom, the busy monkey room,

the first decision that we had to take was how to paint the walls. That started the whole idea of the furniture. The art corner became immediately so clear in my vision!

I love my work as a designer for kids! How can’t I? Look at this custom-made furniture that I have created especially for this classroom. Look at the table and the easel for the art corner! After I designed the furniture on the computer, I sent the project to a router and than everything nicely cut came back into our workshop and find the way trough the finished product. I had such a good time giving life to this little artworks. I found the engraving the most funniest.

Being really busy is about the next project, the activity wall panel which I called the Monkey Temple.

The idea came from Mowgli, the movie, where the monkeys used to bring all kinds of stuff from the outside world. Kids can touch things, tie cords, feel textures, produce sounds, turn on and off the lights, turn wheels, and use chains and locks. All the senses are satisfied; therefore, the job was done right.

Do you think that the painted mushroom fairy houses can keep the place for the dollhouses?!

The little kids from Kiddykat kindergarten will be so excited to have such a classroom! The initial plan was to build the dollhouses, but I preferred to leave more space to the art corner, and I decided to squeeze the furniture and reduce it to wall paintings and small removable little porches that can be used as benches as well. If you call that cheating, you are right! And the mushrooms instead of houses seemed to be a good idea since we still are in the monkey theme classroom.
A shelf that stands for a balcony, a stair, and a fence for the front porch made from rope with wooden beads add more dimension to the design and to the play. It is the second time when I draw a dollhouse on the wall for the same space reason and if you want to see the first one, which was more like an elegant house you can check our post Design your kid’s bedroom following these six steps on the website or our Instagram account

The giraffes will share the classroom with the preschools.

A baby giraffe with its parents and some trees and leaves cover the entire wall.
The furniture that we customized for this room was the wooden store. We name it “Marché KiddyKat” and it can be a grocery shop, a bar, or any other store that kids want to use in their imaginative playing. What is so funny about this custom furniture is that getting behind the bar should be done squeezing under the giraffe’s belly.
They also have stools at the countertop and two giraffe wooden armchairs that were constructed using the same system as the MINY WORLD’s wooden cars. Wooden bolts and nuts that develop the fine motricity and the muscle also will allow kids to assemble and dismantle the chairs by themselves.

The Gym is the biggest space in the entire kindergarten.

It is a place that offers the kids the possibility to gather in a bigger number, to play, and to do physical activities.
On weekends, they can meet for birthdays. I can already imagine the children enjoying our MINY WORLD’s themed parties, hosted by the kindergarten.

Pink shades are covering the front wall of the room. It is covered with the same kind of leaves that you can see on all of the kindergarten’s walls but in different colors. A blue lion, an elephant with pink ears, and a green monkey share the space with the kids. It is very rare when I paint such big walls, so you can imagine that I took it as a challenge. In the end, I have to say that I was so satisfied. I finished by loving to paint those walls. In the beginning, we wanted to use the wallpaper, but the time was too short, we had to decide quickly, ad personalize as much as we can on the way, keeping the steps with the other elements.

The central piece of the gym is the slide. It is the most grandiose piece of all. For elephants, two mothers and two babies under two big palm trees surround this excellent toy that brings great joy to the kids.

Two MINY WORLD wooden cars are ready for the race and the adventure can begin.

In the hallway the Kiddykat’s logo, a sweet little leopard is painted on the wall as well as on the director’s office wall.

Two wooden chairs with the kindergarten’s logo image on the sides and that actually have the same shape, are inviting the kids to wait quietly in the hallway until their moms or dads come out from the director’s office.
The big sides of the chairs offer an intimate space for the newcomers, allowing them to protect themselves from the curious looks of their future buddies.

All this furniture was custom designed for the Kiddykat kindergarten, 90% handmade, personalized after its needs. The plywood structure makes it very strong and lasting for generations. We used PureBond Maple Plywood that is manufactured in Canada with a soy-based adhesive, formaldehyde-free so it wont deteriorate air quality. Plywood prevents wastage of woods lumber, it is sustainable and eco-friendly. Being green is one of the top priorities for MINY WORLD. We are taking thoughtful decisions when we choose the materials to work for our projects.

If you fell in love with the Kiddykat kindergarten and you want to learn more about it feel free to check their website, their Instagram account @garderiekiddykat or Facebook @Garderiekiddykat
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