Customized MINY Cotton Pillows – Party Favors

SPECIAL PRICE CAD 35.00(min.4 guests)

Freshly out of the MINY WORLD workshop!!! Our new pillows are entirely handmade from cotton 100% obtained from renewable resources and not using the kids labor.
With a beautiful design, no buttons, and no laces they are safe for your kids.

✔️ Smaller and cuter than a regular pillow – 35cmX 50cm.
✔️comes already filled with fiber.
✔️pillowcase removable and washable
Also, they look good as a secondary pillow in your kids’ bed; something they can carry around the house or in the car when napping.
If you want to order without renting our party themes, you can buy the customized pillow covers directly from our shop section.

A practical idea for a guest’s favors and a memory that will last longer. Plus, you won’t have problems looking for pillows around the house if the kids forgot their own at home.
You can customize it with your own text, just write us in the message box from the booking form.

Don’t forget to check the pillowcases in the booking form.