Why have a Kids Tent Party?

ORIGINALITY, STYLE, ENTERTAINMENT. Enjoy your enchanting party in the cozy comfort of your home!
Miny World’s kid tent party offer magical and unforgettable moments for your child and their guests.


If it is a slumber party, pajama party, sleepover party or any party, some of the happiest memories from your kid’s childhood will be made with our kids tent party setup.

It’s a fantastic way to give children a different kind of party, leaving them with wonderful memories to share with their friends even long after the teepees have been packed; a great way to develop the self-confidence and communication skills of kids.

Childhood is so fleeting, and when we remember our past experiences, the most memorable are certainly the birthdays and the pajama parties or slumber parties!

Our vision is to help parents who are concerned about the well-being of their children, and who want to offer them amazing birthdays by providing them with enriching and creative activities and by bringing them a variety of new ideas and unique experiences that celebrate the pleasure, the imagination and the spirit of adventure.
We want to make that count!

Mini World offers you a complete service. Everything is created to perfection so you can easily host the most extraordinary experience. Pick up one from our gorgeous themes and we will take care of the rest! Miny World Kids Tent party team can set up for you, styling after your personal taste an offer you a bunch add-ons: memory gifts for your guests, lolly bar, sweet table, cinema night, photo shooting session, creative activities and so much others.
We offering our tent party services to boys and girls. We serve throughout Montreal Ouest and Vaudreuil-Soulanges regions.

“ As parents ourselves, of tree gorgeous kids we tried to create an amazing experience with each celebration.
Teaching also creativity to children, let us learn more about childhood, remind us things that we let them behind and now again revealed: a passion for adventure, innocence, and magic.
We aim to bring joy, to create moments in the childhood of your kids that will remain memorable in time.

Mihaela and Gabriel “

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