If you cancel an order less than 3 weeks from the rental date, you will forfeit the payment.

IN CONSIDERATION OF the mutual covenants and promises in this Agreement, the recipit and sufficiency of which consideration is hereby acknowledged, the Lessor leases the Teepees For Summer to the Lessee, and the Lessee leases the Teepees For Summer from the Lessor on the following terms:

BO PROJECTS (MINY WORLD TM) as the lessor, representing THE FIRST PART, and THE CLIENT representing the lessee as THE SECOND PART.

This is a very amicable form of agreement since you choose to buy our services.

Miny World is a Trade Mark dedicated to children and is operating under BO Projects company, so the name BO Projects will also appear on the invoice.
We want you to know that we respect you as our client and your name along with your personal information are safe with us and they will not be published or disclosed to third parties without your consent.

General description of the product subject to this agreement.
Teepee dimensions: Height: 183 cm, trapezoidal base with 3 sides of 100cm and the open side of 130 cm. It can easily accommodate up to 2 children.

Our teepees for the summer are subject to rental purpose only.
The lease is made on the contract. Registrations can be paid online, by check or cash at the time of booking. Only after the payment is made, your reservation will be confirmed.

Duration and availability
Tent rental is for 23 hours. It starts at 10:00 AM and ends the next day at 9:00AM. Other time intervals and the possibility of extension are subject to discussion according to the availability.

Policy of cancellation
If you cancel an order less than 3 weeks from the rental date, you will forfeit the payment.

The transport is not included. Tents are to be picked up and returned by the client to our company’s headquarters: 2811 Alexandre-Taschereau, J7V9V7. Upon the request and availability, transport could be available for 0.75 CAD per KM.

Security deposit
MINY WORLD team is proud to produce these teepees in our own shop. We put a lot of effort and care and we are confident that you will take good care of them. In less than an hour from the return, another child will enjoy the teepee you cared for. We don’t ask for a security deposit, but we expect that the client will pay for the damage brought to our products during the rental, damages that were caused by the client abuse or neglect. For each damaged part of the teepee, the client agrees to pay the repairing fee which includes the manufacturing and the buying of the damaged materials to be replaced:
one damaged pole = 10 CAD
the damage of the textile material = 20 CAD
It is the responsibility of each, the client and the representative member of the company BO Project to check the shape of the products at both moments of picking and returning. Ulterior complaints are not accepted for either of the parts.
Buy buying our services that are part of this contract you are bind by its rules, terms, and conditions and you are agreeing to respect them.
The contract will be signed of both parts at the moment of the pick up of the order.