Spooky Halloween sleepover under the teepees

PRICE: 360 Cad per package with two teepees, decorated picnic table, electric cauldron and Halloween ghost (additional guest teepee and place at the table for 70 Cad)

You can also opt for the classic 4 teepees package, at 360 Cad, Halloween theme without the decorated picnic table and the ghost. The electric cauldron, in this case may not be available.
Delivery is included in the price for a distance under 25 Km from our address (J7V 9V7). Longer distances than our mentioned areas will add an additional delivery fee(3 Cad/Km).




Spooky Halloween sleepover under the teepees is our MINY WORLD party theme for a spooky autumn season. It is the first theme that comes with just two teepees, having in mind a Halloween night spent with the best friend or a sibling. We can provide more teepees and places at the table for 70Cad per each extra guest.

Spooky Halloween sleepover under the teepees includes:

– two exclusive handcrafted tents in assorted high-quality fabrics
– one Halloween decorated table for two with creepy food, carpets and cushions
– Electric cauldron
– Ghost decoration
– Very comfortable foam mattresses covered with waterproof protection and cotton sheets
– Cozy blankets
– Decorative pumpkin cushions
– Wooden breakfast trays
– Twinkle light sets (battery operated)
– wooden picnic baskets for food
– Garlands
– Individual night lamps
– Furr rugs
– Other decorations may surprisingly appear

Tips and notes:

* Setup and collection (assembly and dismantling) are included.
* The mattresses have fitted cotton sheets and waterproof and bugs protection.
* Guests bring their own pillow for hygiene reasons.
* Read our terms and conditions to find out more details about the hiring.