SPA day for little girls and teens

Hello moms, dads, grandparents, and neighbors!!! Do you wanna see how these gorgeous little girls spent an amazing summer day with MINY WORLD?!!!
Watch out, SPA is included :)) !!!!

Adriana and Gabriela-Rose were MINY WORLD’s guest to spend a luxury hot summer day in its company.

We start the day around 9.30. The girls were very excited cause the word SPA was magically whispered in their ears a week before. You can imagine how hard was waiting. They checked the back yard first and they saw the turquoise table nicely set up with clear crystal frame round mirrors, white bowls, pink towels, pink bath bombs and face brushes with funny soft hair. Some lemons on the table, a cup with sugar and a few glasses were there, too. Quickly guess, Limonade!

The day started hot with a very convincing SUN so our SPA session had to wait for sure. What could we do? We entered the house…much cooler, air conditioning. A little play in the living room with MINY WORLD’s cars was fun and after their construction, the work was rewarded with a movie. So a drive in cinema and the lemonade came up as a great idea at the time.

We stop the movie to a third when another idea came to us. Pool party!!! Yeah. The Sun can shine now how much he wants. OMG, what a fun day!!! Gabriela and Adriana are so IN LOVE with the pool!!! me, too.

And Irene was watching them all along. Irene is fourteen, she loves children, she is still one, too :)). She is a member of Miny World since the beginning. And she was enjoying this day not only because she took care of our guests but also because of the SPA session that we planed together.
During Irene was watching the girls in the pool, I prepared some hot sandwiches, in the oven and I must say that I received great appreciation even later in the evening when Marieta, the girls’ mom called me to ask me what have I gave them to eat because they asked for more.
Easy recipe: bread rolls cut in a half, a little butter, sliced sausages, tomatoes, cheese, basil and then broiled for three minutes in the oven.

Under the tents, on the terrace, they must have had the best taste in the world – as Adriana and Gabriela affirmed.
Next, we cool down again in the living room watching another part of the movie, moments where I took the time to set up our very new create product- the MINY WORLD little store – with fruits, vegetables, yogurt, milk, chocolate, and lemonade. You can imagine the surprise when they came outside. YAP!!!

We start to eat the strawberries and they served fresh lemonade to Irene. Then the most expected moment arrived: the SPA session.

Chocolate was the chosen one along with the milk and a face mask ready to ware was formed in our white bowls. The pictures talk by themselves.

And the bath bombs were appreciated with interest and watched from very close. Gabriela was looking so close, her nose was nearly touching the water.

Funny moments for me watching them spreading the masks on their faces and then clean themselves under the water hose. I would really like to see that more often. And the result was amazing: their cheeks which were softer than ever and the smell of the chocolate stayed on. Not for so long though, cause after they have finished the last part of the movie they plunged again in the pool, and the salty water took it away.
Then, around 4 o’clock we had to say goodbye to our sweet beautiful guests of honor. Was not easy 🙁
Talking back with Irene, about the day, she said that she enjoyed a lot the chocolate mask. We made it again the second day, both of us and we want to recommend to you, too. Our skin was visibly softer, the smell persistent after washing and the skin revitalized. We checked the Internet and find a lot of pro arguments and we love it because it’s natural, very healthy and kids friendly.
We challenged ourselves and we decided to do researches for every product that MINY WORLD little store had on the shelves that day and find a mask recipe for each of them. We will look for all the qualities that could improve teens’ skin health and that are kids friendly for every little girl that wants to get pampered. Moms are not excluded :))
Stay close to our Facebook or Instagram page, cause we will keep you posted every time we’ll add a new face mask recipe on our blog. And, we think about at list 7. Then you can get your children pampered all week long or use it on their birthday parties. And it is a perfect way for a big sister to spend time with the little ones finding some common interests.

If you’d like your kids to spend a similar SPA day in MINY WORLD’s company, PM us on our Facebook page, Instagram or directly on our website.

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