S’MORE Bar Station

PRICE: 200CAD(150CAD when you buy your own ingredients:biscuits, chocolate, marshmallows and fuel for burners)

S’Mores Bar Station is to be picked up and returned the second day to our company’s headquarters in Vaudreuil – J7V9V7. Upon request and availability, transport could be available for 0.75 CAD per KM.

MINY WORLD S’Mores Bar Station doesn’t need too much description to convince you that is the perfect choice for your gathering.

Who doesn’t love s’mores? First, because they are crunchy, than because they are so sweet, and at last but not the list because they can be combined in so many flavors. The recipes are never ending, because every time in every home people try something new:different biscuits, different kind of chocolate….and about marshmallows – they taste the same pretty much, though, you can try different colors!
Best time for s’moores is winter but who can stop you to eat them any time you like?!
Plus, our kit is for indoor, so you can stay nice and cozy the whole year.
It is so versatile! You can use it for a birthday party, for a family or friends gatherings or for a bigger event like a baby shower, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, baptism, corporate event. For the first time a rental at MINY WORLD that suits any age!!! Everyone is invited to share these delicious cookies!

The S’Mores Bar Station package (150 cad)includes:

– S’More wooden box (H15″x W15″x L32″)that carries everything that you need inside and can also be use as a table or display.
– X2 cotton naps for the table that should be used under the iron cast pans.
– x3 trays (X2 for the table setup and x1 for creativity – can write with chalk a message that you want or a name)
– x4 iron cast pans
– x4 burners
– stones to be put under the burners to prevent the hitting of the table
– skewers
– decorative garland “S’MORES”
– x3 glass jars
– instructions (written)
– biscuits, marshmallows & chocolate as well as the gel fuel & lighter for x50 pieces of s’mores (50 cad extra)
– x2 round trays on high stand suited for more marshmallows, biscuits & chocolate or for cake and other sweets – they don’t fit in the wooden box, should be transported separately(20 cad extra)

***This theme requires continuous and serious supervision by adults. The burners burn with a real flame that can cause bodily burns, material or even fires if not used properly.