Outdoor Picnic Party for kids

PRICE: 250$ per picnic table for 6 guests. 10$ extra fee for each extra guest(maximum 10 guests in total).

Transport is free within the limit of 25 km. Additional charges of 0.75 cad/km apply if the distance is greater than 25 km from our place (Vaudreuil, J7V9V7).

Birthday parties are one of the best childhood memories!
It is common for parents, during the Summer, to organize kids’ birthday parties outdoors. But, you have to recognize that organizing a birthday party is hard and time-consuming. And, a picnic party generally requires a lot of ideas and planning in order to be a success. MINY WORLD has prepared for you a few ideas and some beautiful items for rent. This way, you don’t have to despair. Our help will put your worries at ease.

Outdoor Picnic Party for kids theme includes:

– Handcrafted teepee in assorted high-quality fabric accessorized with blankets, pillows, furs, and greenery
– White picnic table
– greenery and decorative lanterns
– Decorative cushions & carpets
– Personalized picnic baskets
– Wooden flatware, assorted napkins, plates, and personalized bottles


* the food is not included!

Fill in the booking form and write us in the message box your preferences. We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss all the details.