Kids-friendly face mask recipes

Why do little girls need a face mask? They actually do not need one but they like it because it’s fun and because face masks are in trend right now. Almost all birthday parties have included SPA as activity on their checklist. Girls love to be pampered!

They see that often on their moms, and they want to be like them. And our teen daughters, they use them for all those reasons plus because they need small treatments to help their skin stay healthy. Lucky us, moms, because we can guide them and we can offer them healthy products, that we can find almost all the time in our pantry or fridge.
In my last post about two gorgeous little girls that spent a fun, luxury Spa day being spoiled by MINY WORLD we presented you the idea of making researches and come up with kids/teens friendly healthy face masks. So we checked and still do the Internet for all the fruits, vegetables and goodies that were on our little wooden grocery store that day.

We start with the chocolate because we think that it’ll be the top favorite for all and we will add more little by little so you will have a variety to choose from.
Irene, my daughter who’s 14 and a MINY WORLD member since the beginning, was very interested in this challenge not only because is a nonpolluting solution and a kid-friendly but also because she discovered amazing benefits that she and her friends can use for their own skin health. So let’s see what she brings in!!!

The problem when buying such a mask- says Irene- especially from online stores, is that you can’t be 100% sure that it’s natural and because they are always hidden ingredients that have been used. I can remind you that producing plastic for recipients increases pollution. And I am wondering if keeping a cosmetic product in a plastic bottle for so long, could be healthy?! I will let that for the scientists to decide but we went for a totally natural and fresh composition with no preservatives and proud to save plastic also.

1. Chocolate face mask – for teens and kids-friendly
You need:
3 tablets of chocolates
1 tablespoon of milk
mixing bowl
cosmetic face brush
a clean towel
!!! Before application cleanse your face properly with clean water. Make the mask a little bit condense in order to get the maximum use of it. Rinse it with warm water for a better result. In order to get the optimum benefits of the mask, better choose dark and pure chocolate, which means sugar-free.
!!! If you are having sensitive skin and such allergic, it will be better to consult the doctor or beauty therapist first, before doing the treatment. This is because not every person will be matched and comfort to be applied chocolate on their face.

We prepared a mask from chocolate 72% cocoa and milk. We mixed tree tablets of chocolate with a spoon of milk and that was all that simple. We used a makeup brush for mixing and for spreading on the skin. I must say that I participated with the Adriana and Gaby and altogether were having so much fun and an amazing experience. Spreading the worm chocolate on our faces was so calming, the texture was so soft and the smell such relaxing. Because of the Sun, the chocolate quickly melted but if you wanna try and you are not outside under the Sun than I recommend you to warm it for a few seconds on the microwave before stirring.

1) Chocolate benefits.
Chocolate does not only taste good, but it also has large numbers of benefits for the skin:
– the anti-oxide and C vitamins in chocolate are very useful to hydrate and nutrient the skin face in order to regenerate well and looks fresh and moist as a result. Highly recommended for those who are having dried and rough skin face condition.
– protect your skin face from bacteria and poison from the dirty and polluted environment. (over 100 times more effective than vitamin C and 25 times more effective than vitamin E)
– good nutrient for the skin, chocolate has a natural compound of vitamins, mineral, and complex vitamins to make your skin be healthier and fresher.
– a chocolate face mask can be also used to fair your skin naturally. Chocolate has much anti-oxide which will stimulate the skin cells to regenerate and reduce the pigment production, of which the main reason why skin looks dark.
– chocolate has tons of anti-oxide at a very high level and pure so that the free radicals in the air will not be absorbed into the skin which is the main cause of aging and wrinkles. Not that we need that so much, but we can recommend to moms.
– helps your skin face to shrink the pores in order to prevent such dirt and bacteria come and cause blackheads.
– acne is probably the most common and often case of skin problem. Chocolate will help you to cure the acne by stimulating the skin cells to be opened and released the bacteria out of the skin.
– chocolate has a flavonoid compound which is very useful to prevent the skin from the bad effect of sun rays of UVA/UVB.
– remove the dead cells which cause pigmentation and skin will look dark and dull as a result. Scrubbing the dead cells is very important to maintain the beauty and health of the skin every single time. Therefore, scrubbing with a chocolate mask is highly recommended for you to do at least once a week.
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Enjoy and stay healthy,

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