La fête du tipi de Lia

Slumber party, Teepee party, tent party it doesn’t matter, girls are girls! They love to have fun.

L'équipe Miny World souhaite féliciter Lia pour avoir la belle âge de 8 ans.

One thing is for sure: she knows how to have fun and she knows how to make her guests spend the most wonderful time. They started the party singing and dancing around the candy bar. Lia’s mom, Elena came with backups, another two friends of hers and they painted the girls’ nails and made them braids. You have not yet heard everything. They had a mirror and a shelf with super fancy clothes combined from her mother and Miny World’s wardrobes. As you can guess this was the best part. They tried everything from scarves, to hats, beads, butterfly wings and shoes. And of course, a lot of photos were made.

Des moments émotionnels ont rempli leurs cœurs quand le temps d'adopter des chiots est venu. Choisir le nom des petits chihuahuas et signer le certificat d’adoption ont légalisé le fait qu’elles ont devenu des mères légitimes et responsables.

We know she’ll remember this day forever because from all the beautiful gifts she received these moments spent with her friends, under the tents and the magic of the twinkle lights will be the most cherished in the end.