Design, Art & Craft – creativity classes for kids

The most interesting and wanted creativity classes for kids are now in Vaudreuil. MINY WORLD is the place where kids meet creativity.

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Design, Art & Craft open the doors and welcome the kids aged between 6 and 10 starting with 5 of September 2019 for ten consecutive weeks. They don’t need talent, only curiosity and the willingness to have fun.

Where? In a cozy, artistic atmosphere at HACHEM, the art store near Costco, Vaudreuil. Enough to do some weekly shopping while your kids explore their creativity with us spending some quality time.

In MINY WORLD’s creativity classes for kids, things are moving all the time. If we are not sewing covers for tents, probably we are drilling holes in the rods, and if we are not painting our wooden toys, probably we are sanding the edges or threading wooden nuts and bolts. We sit only to let our mind to go crazy creating the most interesting experiences for our kids. Toys, furniture, interior design and all kind of accessories for the space that surround them.

Further on, we share our creativity with the children and we’ve put in place the utmost workshops for kids. They have the chance to create, to learn by discovering and to play with real materials and tools. They not only learn art but they also design with their minds and they work with their own hands.

Our classes welcome both girls and boys: fun & dynamic project ideas, introducing bi and tri-dimensional techniques in a range of mediums such as clay, drawing, painting, 3D wood construction. Children will plunge into creative play by exploring and building from imagination.

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